Taghazout Beach: An Icon of Agadir

Taghazout Beach is a small Amazigh tourist and fishing port located 20 kilometers from Agadir, situated between this city and Cape Rhir, along the road to Essaouira.

Located 508 kilometers from Casablanca and 350 kilometers from Marrakech, it is a distant yet charming destination.

It is well-connected locally and is a popular trip from Agadir, facilitated by regular bus services.

Founded as a fishing center by Canarian fishers during the 19th century, there are still remnants of constructions from that era.

Taghazout Beach

Taghazout Beach

 A fashionable place in the 60s for European celebrities and hippies, it is now fashionable in Morocco and internationally; it flocks to many surfers all year round.

The village, located between the Atlas Mountains and the ocean, has a warm and sunny climate.

 In its mountains, Argan cultivates, from which the precious oil extract and the goats grazed there. In the valleys of its mountains, fruit is produced, especially bananas. Its gastronomy is based on fish, being difficult to obtain alcoholic drinks.

The Taghazout range extends south from a rocky ledge and is perfect for surfing and windsurfing.

 For many, this is the best place in Morocco, considered the surfing mecca of Africa.

 Near Taghozoute, you can find the famous Anchor Point, possibly the most famous place in Morocco for surfing.

 You can enjoy a range of waves, especially from September to April.

 You can practice angling, scuba, and water skiing on its reefs.

Varied, multicultural, surf, bohemian and hippy atmosphere, there are plenty of surf shops, cafes, and popular restaurants where you can eat fish, Moroccan food, or pizza.

Accommodation in Taghazout

Aghroud Beach

The local offer is abundant and of high quality. We will note the hotels and apartments related to the practice of surfing, which is simple but convenient. We can name in particular: Adventurekeys, Taghazout Surfcamp, Surf Bereber Camp, Surf Maroc Taghazout Villa, Defrost Almugar Surf, etc.

With more luxury, 7 km to the north, on Imi Oudar beach, the four-star Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa hotel.

Under construction, the five-star hotel Riu Tikida Taghazout

You can rent apartments and rooms in the village or spend the night at the campsite. Warning! In high season, there is a strong demand.

Taghazout Bay

Ecotourism project south of the city. In addition to apartments and villas, it will have a golf club, a sports center, a windsurfing town, a commercial town, and the Argan Reserve. It operates the luxurious Hyatt Place. of 5 *.


-8 km to the north is the village of Imiouaddar, a green valley surrounded by mountains and the beach of Aghroud, with crystal clear waters. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region and little visited. We will notice the luxurious Hotel Spa, Paradis Plage, and the  Ville Lunja complex of moderately priced accommodation next to the campsite –  Aquapark Atlantica Parc.

– Ameznaz fishing village is 14 km away. A beautiful sandy beach protected by the majestic mountains of Cape Rhir.

– Tiger beaches are 19 km away, and rocky coves and tiny beaches next to Cape Rhir protect it from the winds. There, we find the urbanization of Les Méridiennes.

– Towards the interior by mountain tracks, you can reach the Amazighvillage of  Imouzzer Ida Outaname.

When to go to Taghazout?

go to Taghazout

The best time to visit Taghazout depends on your preferences and interests. The surfing season, which runs from September to April, is ideal for surf enthusiasts, with peak attendance from October to March, offering good waves and warm temperatures.

Spring, from April to June, offers decent surfing conditions while avoiding the winter peak crowds.

Summer, from July to August, is the low season for surfing but is suitable for beginners and those who prefer more relaxed beaches, despite less consistent waves and sometimes colder water.

For culture enthusiasts, it is recommended to check the calendar of local festivals and events throughout the year.

If surfing is your main interest, opt for the period from September to April, but always check the weather conditions before planning your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

The water safety in Taghazout is influenced by various factors, including weather conditions, water quality, and potential hazards.

During the summer, the waters are generally warm and calm, favoring swimming, but in winter, they can be cold and choppy, making swimming more difficult and risky. Water quality can be compromised by pollution, requiring regular checking of local reports.

Dangers such as strong currents, rip currents, and the presence of marine animals are possible.

It is recommended to consult local authorities or surf shops for information on potential hazards and water safety.

With proper precautions, the water in Taghazout can be safe for swimming. It is essential to check local conditions and talk to locals before entering the water.

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