Golf in Morocco

Golf in Morocco has been a part of the kingdom’s landscape since the early twentieth century. It experienced significant growth during the reign of King Hassan II. Following his era, His Majesty Mohammed VI continued to foster the sport’s development. 

Golf in Morocco

Morocco has become an increasingly popular destination for golfers in recent years, with a growing number of world-class courses located throughout the country. Some of the most popular golf destinations in Morocco include Marrakech, Casablanca, and Agadir.

In Marrakech, golfers can enjoy courses such as the Royal Golf Club, which was designed by the legendary golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. The Palmeraie Golf Club is another popular course in Marrakech, offering players stunning views of the Atlas Mountains.

Casablanca is home to the Tony Jacklin Casablanca Golf Course, which was designed by the famous British golfer and former Ryder Cup captain Tony Jacklin. The course features wide fairways and challenging bunkers, making it a favorite among golfers of all skill levels.

Agadir is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning coastline, and golfers can take advantage of this scenery at the Golf Club Med Les Dunes. The course offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its wide fairways and challenging greens.

Morocco offers golfers a unique and unforgettable experience, combining world-class golf with stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Golf in Marrakesh

Nicknamed the red or ocher city, Marrakech is famous worldwide. With its priceless cultural heritage, this city will offer you superb landscapes. The contrast between the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the warm colors of the city promises a total change of scenery. And quality golf courses will delight golfers of all levels. Marrakech, nicknamed the red or ocher city, has a significant cultural heritage, a magnificent environment, and good golf courses for all levels of play. The Ourika golf course (Palm Golf Marrakech), 25 minutes south of Marrakech, has beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains. Neil Haworth and Stéphane Talbot, two Canadians, made it in the style of the desert golf courses in Morocco. As part of the famous world-leading chain of golf management, TroonGolf, you can enjoy training areas and quality service both at the clubhouse and on the course.

Golf in Agadir

With more than 300 days of sunshine annually, Agadir will allow you to enjoy splendid golf courses all year round. The many trails of international renown and accessible to all levels of play await you. The Tazegzout golf course, near the city center of Agadir and in the heart of the seaside resort, will take you to a unique natural place where argan trees grow. It was recently built by Kyle Phillips and has a beautiful setting because it is 80 meters above sea level. You can appreciate the quality of the course while taking in the fantastic views on all 18 holes. Nature lovers will be delighted; the clubhouse has a magnificent bay view.

Golf in Rabat

Rabat is a city on the coast with a lot of historical sites. Some of the best golf courses in the country are in this area, like the Royal Golf Dar Es Salem, which was built by Robert Trent Jones at the request of the late King Hassan II, who loved golf. This prestigious estate covers more than 440 hectares and is only about 15 kilometers from the capital. It is on flat land in the middle of a forest of cork oaks. Technicality, quality, and the beauty of the environment are all there to make you happy. The golf course has three parts: two 18-hole courses and one 9-hole course.

Golf in El Jadida

El Jadida, formerly known as Mazagan, is surrounded by fortifications from Portuguese land. High-quality golf courses in interesting settings are a well-known feature of this charming metropolis. In this region, you’ll find Morocco’s best golf course. Sea and dunes surround the Mazagan golf course, which sits adjacent to the coast. This links golf course was designed on the sand in 2010 by the famous South African champion Gary Player, whose most significant victories took place on the links course and is considered one of the best in Africa. This is the longest course in Morocco. It follows the seashore of El Jadida and retains its natural appearance. It is playable by players of all skill levels. It offers magnificent views of the ocean.

Golf in Casablanca

This story has a lot of moving parts. Casablanca has a lot of different golf courses that will make you fall in love with their Moroccan charm. One of them is the Royal Golf Anfa Mohammedia. This golf course is on the coast, 28 km from Casablanca, with beautiful ocean views. It was built in the 1920s, and its dunes look much like Scottish ones. Here, they are covered with cacti or palm trees. The wind from the sea will help you get to the course. When you go back to Morocco, this is a place you should check out again.

Golf in Fez

This area has a lot of fun places to play golf that fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of this city. The Oued Fez golf course is in the middle of the town, and the Royal Golf de Fès is on the outskirts. In Meknes, the Meknes golf course is close to the medina. The Scottish firm Jonathan Gaunt was making the Oued Fez golf course. This beautiful 18-hole course is 6344 meters long and combines wooded and humid areas near the Royal Palace along the Fez wadi. Fairways run through the woods north of the wadi and along the waterway. The existing environment needed to be kept the same during its design. So, trees like Aleppo pines, eucalyptus, palm trees, and others were saved.

Golf in Essaouira

Formerly Mogador, the port city of Essaouira, has a course in the tradition of links, the Mogador golf course, which is in keeping with the original landscape of this city. Entirely designed by Gary Player and only 3 km from the medina, the two Mogador courses are aesthetically integrated into the landscape in the pure tradition of Scottish links. Direct contact with the dunes, the forest, and the Atlantic Ocean is guaranteed. These elements invite players, amateurs or professionals, to appreciate this exceptional setting.

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