Bike tours in Morocco

If you plan to go on a bike tours in Morocco to discover the many riches that the country has, we advise you to choose a bike tour. The Moroccan landscape is well suited to this type of picnic and is an invitation for a change of scenery. If you live anywhere in the world and want to prepare for your bike trip perfectly, we invite you to follow some practical advice.

Bike Tours in Morocco

Bike Tours Morocco

Suppose you are an ardent follower of Morocco travel and want to discover the Moroccan way of life from an original angle. In that case, we advise you to choose a road bike tour in Morocco. You will have the opportunity to gauge yourself against the harsh slopes of the passes of the High Atlas while discovering secret places and a world of scenic beauty.

Discover Moroccan culture and landscapes

Suppose you are a bike lover planning to go to Morocco with your friends or business council. In that case, you can indulge your passion by choosing a bike tour in Morocco. Indeed, as you walk, you will enjoy the joys of life in the great outdoors while browsing the historic heart of Morocco’s major cities, rich in artwork and other wonders.

Which route to take to discover Morocco by bike?

discover Morocco by bike

There are 3 or even more than 4 circuits to choose from if you want to cross all of Morocco by bike alone or accompanied. Everything depends on the duration of this route and the things you want to see and do. It also depends on whether it is a cultural or natural discovery.

To discover Morocco by bike is to enter its world and its past. Its richness has no limit. Even its gastronomy deserves to linger there. But how not to love this country !!! It offers a whole mosaic of landscape and an enormous concentration of culture. You can then discover all the curiosities of the capital and even tour the entire country just by riding a bike.

Cycle tourism has developed significantly in Morocco, which is not surprising. It is a colorful destination, and all means are suitable to make the most of your visit. There are undoubtedly several possibilities for circuits and even “unimaginable routes.” However, you still have to take the time to think about how you want to mark your stay in Morocco.

In short, you can choose two or three routes depending on the duration and the type of route you want. But for a maximum of 8 days, you can undertake a journey of up to 120 km to soak up the atmosphere of Marrakech while visiting its most beautiful architectural gems and prize list.

For a course favoring nature, the Moroccan coast offers more than one wonder to offer visitors. It is full of fascinating wild landscapes, notably the Tizi n’Test pass or the Atlas massif.

Finally, the more adventurous will quickly take a long 8-day course to discover two of Morocco’s most unmissable cities, Marrakech and Fez, then go through Mount Atlas to combine culture and nature.

But there are others… It’s up to you!

How do you organize to go to Morocco by bike?

go to Morocco by bike

It is easy to travel to Morocco on a bicycle. It’s just a matter of picking the right path and getting in touch with a professional or specialized agency. The latter can then help you decide on the best cycling routes and provide you with an appropriate rental bike for the particular type of circuit you want to ride.

There is nothing more exciting than a bike or mountain bike route for Moroccan holidays. Only here it is; it takes more than one trip to travel all over Morocco unless you entrust the organization of your journey to a travel agency. As she knows the country well, she made sure of the various most practicable circuits in advance.

Other details are also to be considered, such as whether or not to go alone during this journey. However, when you come to Morocco for the first time, it is preferable to be accompanied by a guide.

Moreover, it is like opting for a group tour organized by a professional. He can then take charge of the whole organization by bike, catering or even authorization.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a bike excursion to magical and exotic places or a more cultural route to retrace the country’s history.

Organizing this type of circuit is essential to discover new sensations and to travel all over Morocco in just a few days.

What are the must-see places to visit by bike in Morocco?

places to visit by bike in Morocco

Villa 55, in Marrakech, is one of the most important places to visit while on a bicycle tour of Morocco. It would help if you also saw the High Atlas villages and the High Atlas Toubkal National Park.

All Moroccan cities deserve a little bike ride. It is then necessary to leave Morocco’s capital and head towards Marrakech’s most beautiful and splendid city. This red city offers breathtaking landscapes and beautiful places to visit by bike. Whether in summer or winter, it will surprise you.

It is necessary to visit the Atlas from top to bottom and the High Atlas and discover the waterfalls of Ouzoud, the Jebel Toubkal or the gorges of Aït Mansour. But there are plenty of them; you have no idea…

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