Ifrane: lakes, snow and skiing

Ifrane is a tourist destination for many visitors seeking comfort and tranquility. Known for its high mountains and moderate weather in summer and spring, Ifrane boasts numerous tourist attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. The city hosts many recreational venues, contributing to the overall experience of leisure and enjoyment.

Ifrane city history

Caves and caves carved into the limestone cliffs of Wadi Tizguit were used by the inhabitants of Ifrane and its surroundings in the sixteenth century AD. Because people began to build their homes above ground after an extended period, many caves beneath them are now used for animal shelters and storage. During the 17th century, Sultan Rashid bin Ali Al-Sharif handed the city a fief of land that stretched from the present-day Ifrane River’s source to the Hajib Trench. At that time, the agricultural areas were owned by private people. Meanwhile, the tribes in the Ifrane-Ezro region were subjected to French colonial rule. However, they struggled until 1922 AD, when they were finally subdued.

The most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane

tourist places in Ifrane

During the following lines, we shed light on the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane that can be visited during tourism in Morocco.

Lake Daya Awa

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane, 17 km away. It enjoys a picturesque, calm nature that urges recreation. It is also an ideal destination for family outings with children.

It’s a great place to go fishing because of the lake’s abundance of hornbills. You can take a boat tour with the whole family, feed the ducks, or even ride horses along the lake’s edge while snapping stunning photos to remember your time there.

Virgin Falls “Ain Vital”

A must-see when you go to Ifrane if you want to see a beautiful place where you can relax and do fun things surrounded by some of nature’s most stunning sights. The water falls down the cliff and crashes against the large rocks as you take in the surrounding forests on an unforgettable roaming safari.

The waterfalls are forested, 3 km from the city center of Ifrane, Morocco.

City center

One of the most important tourist places in Ifrane is one of us who goes on tourism to a place without visiting its center and its central spot.

There are monumental carved fountains, European-style houses with steep, pointed roofs and wooden windows, trees that light up at night, and restaurants and cafes all over the area. You can try traditional Moroccan food and tasty Moroccan tea during your tour.

Cèdre Gouraud

Cèdre Gouraud

Cèdre Gouraud is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane for those looking for a quiet atmosphere of recreation and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying a free tour in the open air among the forest paths with large areas of high trees with mountain biking.

kuru tree

One of the most exciting attractions you can visit when traveling in Ifrane, where the cedar tree is classified as the oldest of its kind in Africa, with an age of nearly 800 years. You need to remember.

big lion statue

One of the most important tourist places in Ifrane, which attracts the attention of visitors from everywhere thanks to its wide fame, accuracy, and beauty of its carving and the stories and legends associated with it.

Ifrane National Park

Ifrane National Park

It is the largest national park in Ifrane, Morocco. It has thousands of wild animals and plants spread over about 500 km. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Ifrane and is popular with children, families, and wildlife lovers.

These are the best times of year to catch a glimpse of the rare and endangered Amazigh macaque and various other animals and birds in their native habitat.

Ifrane market

It is a non-touristic local market but offers an excellent opportunity to mingle with the indigenous people and their culture and buy the best-handcrafted souvenirs, such as textiles and trinkets with the brightest Moroccan spices.

Michelvin Ski Resort

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Ifrane, so it enjoys wide popularity among local residents and foreign visitors during the winter. The area, which is 17 km from the city, has slopes covered in snow that make you want to go skiing, especially since there are places to rent equipment and learn how to ski and some high-end resorts where you can stay.

How do I get to Ifrane?

Book a tour with a driver

Booking a vehicle with a driver is the most convenient way to get around the region. During a day trip, you will visit Ifrane, Bahlil, Azrou, and its famous cedar forest. You can book the excursion in French by clicking here.

Grand Taxi

Grand Taxis take about 1 hour to reach Ifrane and cost 50 DH (5 US$) per passenger (30,050 DH (2,983 US$) for the entire taxi).


It costs 2,550 DH (253.20 US dollars) to take a bus from Fez to Ifrane; however, the price changes depending on the time of day. It goes by twice a day on its way to and from work. CTM’s official webpage.

Book a taxi for the whole day

This option costs about $100 per trip or $25 per person if there are more than five of you. Most of the cars are very old.

Rent a car

Besides, the final price is almost the same as a car with a driver; it is unwise to try to drive in Morocco. You can rent a car in Fez by clicking here.

Where to eat in Ifrane

– Go to the market for a snack, a sandwich, or a meal on a budget. There are several small restaurants and fast food there. We ate at Diafa; the value for money is decent, the portions plentiful, and the staff friendly.

– for a more chic dinner by the fireplace: in the upper part of the city, near the lion statue, you will find several restaurants and hotels with a more comprehensive price range and more international cuisine. We dined at the Empreinte d’Ifrane, which offers tagines, Atlas trout, and sushi.

Hotels in Ifrane

Hotels in Ifrane

Find out about the best hotels in Ifrane, such as Zephyr Ifrane, Michlifen Resort & Golf, Farah Inn Hotel & Resort, Hotel Le Chamonix, Hotel Perce Neige, Gite du Barrage, Residence Ifrane Palace, Rise In Valley, Motel Relais Ras el Maa, and Gite Dayet Aoua.


Set in Ifrane, 800 meters from Lion Stone, ZEPHYR Ifrane offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center.

Farah Inn Ifrane

Located in Ifrane in the Middle Atlas region, Farah Ifrane – Résidence hôtelière has 3 swimming pools (including 1 heated indoor pool) and 3 tennis courts. Excellent staff and nature

Michlifen Resort & Golf 

Ifrane National Park is next to Michlifen Resort & Golf, 65 km south of Fez, Morocco. This hotel has three restaurants, a spa, and a pool open all year.

L’empreinte D’ifrane

The hotel L’empreinte D’ifrane is located in Ifrane and has different rooms, free Wi-Fi, a terrace with a view of the city, and a restaurant where you can eat.


Set in Ifrane, 800 meters from Lion Stone, ZEPHYR Ifrane offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center.

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