Where is Morocco?

Where is Morocco?? Morocco is located in the northwest of the continent of Africa, a few miles away, and is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south. Morocco is also distinguished by its wide area, terrain, and diverse landscapes, as its coasts extend from the western side along the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Morocco?

Below we review the geographical location of Morocco in detail:

Morocco’s location on the world map

 Morocco is located in northwest Africa, just a few miles south of the European continent directly, and is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south.

Morocco’s location relative to the Greenwich meridian

 Morocco is astronomically located at a latitude of 32.75° north of the equator and at a longitude of 6.19° west of the Greenwich meridian. Morocco’s maritime location: The coasts of Morocco extend from the western side along the Atlantic Ocean and from the northern side along the Mediterranean Sea, at a distance of more than 3,000 km.

Where is Morocco located on the world map?

Morocco is an Arab African country located far northwest of the brown continent, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west with the Strait of Gibraltar in the middle.

And its land border, Morocco, is located to the west of Algeria, north of Mauritania. The sea borders are faced by 3 Spanish islands on the other side of the coast: Melilla, Ceuta, and the rock of Comira.

 Advantages of the geographical location of Morocco

The geographical location of the State of Morocco is distinguished by several advantages, on top of which are:

Its proximity to continental Europe across Gibraltar Strait distinguished it commercially from other neighboring countries.

Owning the port of Tangier: 

which contributed greatly to the economic development of the northern provinces

Morocco’s openness to African countries across the southern Sahara: what makes it a great attraction factor for foreign investment in Morocco.

It is noteworthy that the passage of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipelines through Moroccan territory contributes to providing the necessary energy for the country. It is noteworthy that Morocco’s strategic location has historically constituted a meeting point for various Arab, Amazigh, European and African civilizations and cultures. Due to its openness to Europe and Africa, Morocco’s location also contributes to the prosperity of the tourism sector, which in turn supports Morocco’s economic development.

Where is Morocco located, and how can you travel to it

And after we know where Morocco is located on the world map and among the most important Arab countries, it remains to know how we can travel to it.

Morocco grants entry to its territory to some citizens of Arab countries and the European Union without obtaining a visa, only by using an identity card for a period not exceeding 3 months in the case of individual travel or for a period covered by the validity of the passport in the case of organized group groups.

In the event of a desire to renew the period of residence in the country, it is necessary to refer to the Moroccan National Security Department.

Citizens of countries that require a visa to be issued before entering Moroccan territory must go to the Moroccan embassy in the country of residence and complete the papers required to obtain a visa.

The distance between the largest cities in Morocco

Morocco includes a number of the most important archaeological, natural and recreational Arab tourist areas, which attract a large number of tourists annually.

If Morocco is your next tourist destination, you can follow the following lines that deal with the distances and methods of access between the cities of northern Morocco and even its southernmost.

Where is Rabat located from Casablanca?

According to the map of the cities of Morocco, the capital, Rabat, is located at a distance of approximately 86.9 km from Casablanca, equivalent to driving for an hour and one minute via Highway No. 1.

Where is Fez located from Meknes?

The city of Fez is 64.3 km from the Moroccan city of Meknes, equivalent to driving 56 minutes via Highway No. 2.

Or a distance of 65.1 km, equivalent to driving for an hour and 10 minutes via the C and 6 lanes.

Where is Tangier located from Chefchaouen?

Tangier has located 113 km from Chefchaouen, which is the equivalent of driving 2 hours and 3 minutes via Track 2 and Track 13/2

Where is Agadir located in Marrakech?

Marrakech is 258 km from Agadir, equivalent to driving 3 hours and 8 minutes via Highway 7.

Or 337 km driving 4 hours 12 minutes via Highway 7 and Route R201

It is also possible to travel for only 45 minutes by Marrakech, Morocco – Agadir, Morocco, one flight per week.

Where is Tetouan located from Ifrane?

Tetouan is 352 km from Ifrane, the equivalent of driving for 5 hours and 36 minutes via the R413 route.

Or 430 km driving 5 hours 30 minutes via Highway 1,2.

It is also possible to limit the distance between the two cities by flying for 45 minutes from Tangier to Fez, or vice versa, via Royal Air Maroc, which provides a weekly non-stop flight.

Where is Al Hoceima located from Kenitra?

Kenitra is 462 km from Al Hoceima, equivalent to driving 6 hours and 6 minutes via Highway 2 or 6 hours and 35 minutes via Roads 1 and 16.

Discover Morocco more

It is not enough to know where Morocco is on the world map; it is a country rich in culture and geographical, human, and economic diversity.


Morocco has a Mediterranean climate; summer is generally hot and dry, and winters are cold and wet, with rains starting in October.


Mohammed VI is the monarch of the kingdom at the moment. The nation’s economy was reformatted and “liberalized” by the young king, and it was a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament.

A constitutional referendum took place in 2011: the new constitution strongly emphasized human rights and was approved by a large majority. Nevertheless, progress remains to be made, particularly in ending corruption.


Both Arabic and Amazighare used as official languages. Although Arabic is the official language, most Moroccans speak a dialect of Arabic known as “Darija.”

Many government agencies and huge corporations utilize French.s. More than 10 million Moroccans are French-speaking (one-third of the population).

Spanish is spoken mainly in northern Morocco, with about 5 million Moroccans; English is the third most spoken foreign language, with 2 million speakers, most of them graduates.


Islam is the official religion of Morocco. 98.7% of Moroccans are Muslims, 1.1% Christians, and 0.2% Jews. Morocco’s constitution grants freedom of worship and congregation, with Morocco, considered one of the most tolerant Arab countries.


The economy of Morocco is one of the most robust economies in Africa; the currency of Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD or DHS).

The main economic sectors of the state of Morocco are:

Agriculture: employs 40% of the population.

Industry: 31% of GDP, which continues to increase, especially after the construction of the new port of Tangier: ‘Tangier Med,’ is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.

Services: 51.4% of GDP – Tourism with more than 10 million tourists annually.

Morocco has no oil or gas, and the high cost of importing is a major problem for the country. However, Morocco’s goal is to reduce dependence on oil by increasing the percentage of renewable electricity.

In 2016, the ‘Noor Power Station’ was opened in Ouarzazate. It is the world’s biggest solar power plant and can provide electricity to more than a million people. By 2020, the nation wants to produce 42% of its energy from renewable sources.

Dialing code and Internet

The top-level internet domain for Moroccan websites is. Ma, Morocco’s country code is 212 (00212 or +212). (over 62300 Total hosts of .ma).

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