Agadir Beaches, Warmth on the South Coast

Agadir beaches offer a diverse sea atmosphere. Some beaches are sheltered by coves or coral reefs, which diminish the strength of winds and waves, making them calm and suitable for swimming. Conversely, others face the open ocean, benefiting from consistent winds and large waves that appeal to surfing enthusiasts.

Agadir beaches

Agadir’s city beach in the new town is lined with hotels, restaurants, and cafes. It stretches from the marina to the new seaside district of Cité Founty and the royal palace at the mouth of the Souss River.

Clean, maintained, and with all the necessary services, it is usually crowded with foreigners and street vendors.

Beaches South of Agadir

It is a coast of cliffs created by the foothills of the Anti-Atlas. There are small rocky beaches, except at the mouth, where large sandy beaches and dunes have formed.

 Access to the beaches is difficult because the public road to Tiznit is far from the coast.

 There is no hotel offer: to find accommodation, you must go to Agadir or Tiznit.

Iggin Idist beach, on the other side of the Souss river, is 8 km from the center. It is pervasive, not urbanized, and offers no services. It is challenging to access it.

Sidi Total beach is about 18 km away from us. If you take secondary roads that go from the road to Tiznit and the village of Takar, it takes a lot of work to get there. A small beach with cliffs on both sides. There are simple fishers’ homes on the beach.

The beach of Sidi Tifnite is located 30 km away, next to a fishing village, in a pretty sandy bay at the level of a projection and the mouth of a small river.

 Access is from the road to Tiznit (N-1), deviating at Inchaden. It is trendy for tourists from Agadir but has no services.

Sidi Ribat beach is 37 km away at the mouth of the Massa River. It is a large sandy beach located in the heart of the Souss-Massa National Park, a site of exceptional beauty.

 To the north of the beach are caves and a small fishing village in an area of cliffs.

 The mouth of the Massa River is to the south. You can see a lagoon there.

 The village has a charming hotel, the Ksar Massa.

 Access is via the Tiznit road, branching off into Had Belva and Massa villages.

Sidi Wassay beach, south of the previous beach, is located after the mouth of the Massa River.

 It is a sandy beach presided over by the marabout of a saint, next to a small village with a good campsite and a few hotels. This beach is very popular with anglers.

 It is accessed from the village of Massa.

From the south of this beach, the coast becomes rocky up to the shore of Tifnit Aglou. There are small coves and wild beaches, such as that of Sidi Boulfdayel, which can be accessed from paths that leave the valley of the Massa river or the village of Oulad Noumer.

Aglou beach, located 105 km from Agadir, is the closest beach to the city of Tiznit, 16 km away.

 It is extensive, and the wind blows there frequently. Bathing and swimming are dangerous: people usually use the natural pools formed by low tide.

 It is urbanized, with a promenade and tourist services.

Beaches North of Agadir

It is a coast of cliffs and rocks due to the Atlas Mountains that come down to the sea.

It is easy to access it. The Essaouira road, which passes near the coast, goes to Tamri beach and enters the Atlas.

After passing the port of Agadir, we find industrial areas and outlying districts on the coast; the beaches could be cleaner and prepared for tourism.

Further north, rocks, and cliffs reappear, leaving space for small beaches and pretty coves.

 12 km away are the beaches of the localities of Aourir and Tamraght. They are located between the sea and the mountain, at the level of the grand palace of Sultan Bin Abdull Ben Said.

“The banana village” or “Banana Beach.” Aourir is also known as that. The name Jimi Hendrix gave it in the 1960s because of the sweet bananas grown in the valley and sold on the side of the road, which were very tasty. Beaches more than 3 km long in Aourir are beautiful and very clean.

 It is one of the best spots to practice surfing in Morocco. There are many services for tourists.

Continuing north, we arrive at the beach of Taghazout, 16 kilometers from Agadir, a fishing village surrounded by mountains and an ideal beach for windsurfing.

“La pointe des ancres” is a popular surfing spot near Taghazout. It’s the most popular sport in the whole region, if not all of Morocco – or even the entire country.

24 km north of Agadir is Aghroude beach, with crystal clear waters, which is part of Imi Ouaddar. It is one of the region’s most beautiful beaches and is rarely visited. It has a quality hotel establishment by the beach, the Hotel Paradis Playa. More information. There is also a water park and a campsite.

Ameznaz is a fishing village which is located 30 km away. The majestic mountains of Cape Ghir protect its beautiful sandy beach.

The beaches of Tiger, 35 km away, are formed by rocky coves and tiny beaches next to Cape Ghir, protecting them from the wind.

The coast, made up of cliffs and rocks, borders Cape Ghir. It reveals unspoiled coves that can be accessed from the main road: following it, you come to a large cove onto which a small river emerges, forming the pretty Tamri beach.

 This place also hides prehistoric caves.

Tamri has located 42 km from Agadir, next to a lagoon declared a National Park where birds abound.

 It is little visited and offers lovely, varied coastal landscapes. This impressive panorama includes rocky bays, long sandy beaches, cliffs, and dunes. It has two landing points for artisanal fishers, and you can buy fish there.

The main road then moves away from the coast. In the village of Assaka, where a souk takes place every Saturday, a local road leads to Tildi beach, bordered by mountains and located near a fishing village (52 km from Agadir).

Following the national road, which climbs the Atlas and offers magnificent ocean views, we arrive at Sidi Belzaken. A small road then leads to the coast and, 8 km away, you can visit the village of Imsouane.

Imsouane, located on the tip of the coast, is a beach and a village between the sea and the arid mountain, 70 kilometers from Agadir and 100 kilometers south of Essaouira.

 This village is famous for its favorable wind conditions and waves suitable for surfing. There are two types of beaches: a reef beach or a sandy beach in the bay.

 It is possible to find small hotels there.

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