Erfoud, the largest Oasis in Morocco

Erfoud lies nestled between the final ridges of the valley, amidst orchards and desert dunes, and is situated 80 kilometers away from the regional capital of Errachidia.


Erfoud Oasis

This city was developed in 1917 by the French legion since it was the ideal place to control the oasis of Tifilalt and for administrative purposes. It is a modern city that does not have a medina. Its street layout is rectangular and distributed around wide streets. This city does not have great tourist attractions, but it can be an excellent base to get to know the Tafilete and the entire region since it has numerous hotels, markets, banks, restaurants, gas stations, and numerous workshops…

Erfoud is also known for its fossils and magnificent views; various scenes from the mummy movie films in this place. This town has a black marble factory (Goniatita Quarries) located about 15 km to the southeast. The marble that I mine here is black and full of fossils. You will also find a small museum of fossils and minerals on the road to Rissani. This city is also known for its dates, they are everywhere, and there are more than 100 varieties. The excellent date festival held here every October is also trendy.

A mountain dominates the city; the Moroccan army currently occupies a Borg Est fort. We will have beautiful panoramic views of the entire valley and the palm grove surrounding the town.

Where is Erfoud located in Morocco ?

desert landscapes

Erfoud is a city situated in the eastern part of Morocco. It is located in the Tafilalt region, which is part of the Sahara Desert. Erfoud is known for its unique desert landscapes, including vast dunes and rocky terrain. Additionally, the city is famous for its annual date festival, celebrating the date palm harvest, as well as being a gateway to the Sahara Desert for tourists exploring the region.

How to get Erfoud ?

How to get Erfoud

Next to the Place des Far, you will find offices of the major private bus companies. There are numerous daily rotations to Ouarzazate and Errachidia. There is also a link with Tinerhir, Rissani, Merzouga, and Zagora but fewer daily departures. The Grand Taxis and the CT bus station are located on Place des Far.

Accommodation and restaurants

In Erfoud, you will find numerous accommodations of all categories and some restaurants serving traditional and fast food. If you come to Erfoud, you must try “La Kalia,” a Amazigh dish made with minced lamb meat, vegetables, and many spices.

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