Ouzina: Pure Magic in the Desert

Ouzina is located in the desert of Morocco, in the country’s southeastern part, specifically in the Ouarzazate-Tafilalet region. 34 kilometers from Taouz and 70 kilometers from Merzouga are the closest places to look for it. The town is small, barely inhabited by about 25 families. Its surroundings have the privilege of being a pure desert where it has yet to become overcrowded by tourism. It is where you can appreciate the silence, magic, and peace that only exist in places like this.


As we get off the road that connects Taouz and Ouzina, we can see how the landscape changes over time. The aridity fades away, giving way to a greener environment with vegetation contrasting with the beautiful orange dunes. This area has dunes that stand out when combined with black mountains.

In the lower part of the Ouzina dunes, several towns have kept their traditions and unique clothes from the Sahara desert. Merzouga, Zagora, or Ouarzazate might come to mind if you think of those places when we say “And.” you can do it from Ouzina through tracks. The landscapes are exceptional, and you will have the adventure to tell.

Ouzina offers you the absolute peace of the Moroccan desert, the authenticity of its people, and the possibility of excursions to the desert and adventure getaways in its surroundings. Here you will find all kinds of terrain, dunes that have little to envy those of Merzouga, 4 × 4 tracks, dry river beds, hamadas, chotts, oases …

What do I do in Ouzina Desert

Ouzina Desert is a remote area in Morocco, and there are several things you can do while visiting there:

Camel trekking

Take a camel ride across the desert and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


Such a beautiful place is an excellent place for star-gazing due to its remote location and lack of light pollution.

Visit local nomads

Visit the nearby nomad villages to experience their traditional way of life and learn about their customs and traditions.


Try sandboarding in the vast sand dunes of Ouzina Desert.

4×4 Desert Tours

Take a 4×4 desert tour with a local guide to explore the desert and its surroundings.

Enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine

Try delicious Moroccan food at local restaurants and cafes.

Relax and unwind

Take time to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the desert.

Ouzina surroundings

In the surroundings of Ouzina, you can also know:

· The city of Rissani and its souk

· The Khamliya Gnawa people

· Erfoud fossil quarries and Taouz rock carvings

Around the dunes of Erg Ouzina, there are other lesser-known towns you can also visit: Jdaid, 8 kilometers away; Remlia, 20 km; and Taouz, 34 km.

How to get to this corner of the Sahara desert

It accesses by the track that connects Merzouga with Zagora in Taouz. The asphalt ends here, making it essential to reach Ouzina with 4 × 4 vehicles. The way is not in good condition if you do not have 4 × 4 cars. If you want to visit this town, contact your accommodation so that they can transfer you to Taouz, where you can leave your vehicle.

Accommodation and hotels in Ouzina

In Ouzina, there are several Kasbahs and hostels where you can stay. It’s a beautiful fortress run by a Amazighfamily. You can enjoy the peace of the Moroccan desert with the kindness of this Amazighfamily who runs the fort.

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