Asilah Beaches: The Best Travel Attraction

Asilah beaches are the best tourist attraction and a great addition to visiting the monuments of Asilah. Composed of fine white sand, they stretch for several kilometers and are usually impacted by the swell of the Atlantic. Influenced by the Strait of Gibraltar, the easterly winds are dry and originate from the land. In contrast, the westerly winds are moist and come from the sea.

The beaches are very popular with lovers of surfing and, for their orientation, they are ideal for viewing sunsets.

Town Asilah Beaches

After the city’s port construction, the beach to its north was destroyed, but there is still a small bay known as Cannon Beach next to the city walls and a small beach adjacent to the port. A small bay called Al Midfa Beach is next to the Medina border and a small beach near the port. After passing the pier, the long town beach extends at the end of the waterfront promenade, which continues as far as the beaches of the nearby town of Brive, 10 kilometers away.

The beach is well equipped with services and is visited in summer by the local population. In the beginning, next to the mouth of a small wadi, we find the Alkhaima hotel, The best place to sleep in Asilah is at this place. Further north, a campsite and many people are living there.

A train station stands behind the beach. Many people from Alcazarquivir go to the beach in the summer because there is a lot of space.

The city beaches also have a lot of rocks and coral reefs on the southern side of the coast, as well as cliffs and small stones that are difficult to swim on.

Surrounding beaches


Akwas Breach Beach

North of Asilah, the coast still needs to be built. There is a marshy area with salt marshes and the mouth of a wadi. This long and quiet beach begins with bars in summer and accommodation, Hotel Village Touristique 3 *.

 Great place to eat

In the upper part of this beach are the ruins of  Kouass-Akwas Briech, an archaeological site with ceramic kilns from Roman times.

In the southAsilah beaches

The coast becomes rocky with cliffs, offering several rocky coves and a few caves—the Asilah Marina Golf urbanization in this location with a golf club and apartment rentals.

Caves or Paloma beaches

The coast gradually decreases, and 6 km from Asilah, we find the first wide sandy beach.

It accesses from the road in Rabat, 6 km from Asilah, after passing the aluminum factory, 3.5 km by dirt roads, passable with standard vehicles, except during the rainy season.

By foot or horse-drawn carriage, you can reach there.

It is a large beach with cliffs and caves scattered around. Many bars are open this time of year. This beach extends to the south by  Ras Remel  –  Rmilate beach, which is difficult to access.

Sidi Mghait or Saint’s Beach

Located further south, 14 km from Asilah, it is accessed by bad roads; it takes 30 minutes from Asilah. It is vast, sandy, and quiet, and it continues with the beach of Redda, which has giant dunes and locate at the mouth of a small wadi.

It is accessed by the road from Rabat, 10 km from Asilah, and by deviating 4.5 km by the Douar de Dmina.

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