How much does a stay in Morocco cost?

How much does a stay in Morocco cost?This is understandable since traveling in Morocco is synonymous with spending a few days at a low price and close to home. It is only a few hours by plane. However, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s free. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate what budget you will need before going on vacation to this country.

How much does a stay in Morocco cost?

Millions of travel enthusiasts choose Morocco as a fun tourist destination. We will not say that traveling to Morocco is inexpensive, but worth the experience. Experience a hospitable country that gives you multiple destinations for a fantastic tourist experience.

Morocco and its people are eagerly awaiting your arrival. We’ve put together this cost guide to help you budget for your trip.

Rough offers, look at your budget and consult your heart, and welcome to your second country Morocco.

How much does transportation cost in Morocco?

Before going to the Moroccan bazaars, consider your possible expenses.

Before traveling to Morocco, try to calculate what budget you may need. Transportation can be a significant expense when preparing for your trip.

Travel to Morocco

The first thing you will have to do is go to Morocco. Several airports will allow you to arrive in Morocco without making a stopover. From Madrid, you can land in MarrakechCasablancaAgadirRabat (the capital), Fez, or Tangier.

As for fares, calculate between $ 1000 and $3000 round trip depending on the company you choose (Royal Air Maroc, …), the city of arrival, the season, and how far in advance you buy. The bills. Usually, the longer you wait until the last minute, the more ticket prices will skyrocket.

Travel by bus within the country

If you go with an “all-inclusive,” you will not have to worry about traveling around the country. But suppose you’d instead plan it yourself. In that case, you should know that Morocco has a good bus network connecting the most significant cities and the most remote places.

We found three large companies that are the ones that offer most of the services:

  • CTM
  • Supratours

Luggage is charged at 5 dirhams (less than $ 0.50) with a surcharge if you carry more than 10 kg. Here we leave you the price of some displacements:

  • Casablanca-Rabat: between 25 and 60 dírhams.
  • Tangier-Fez: between 115 and 125 dirhams.
  • Rabat-Marrakech: between 135 and 190 dírhams.

Meknes, Ouarzazate, and Kasbah are also connected by bus. Try to get to the bus station early and travel first thing in the morning if it is boiling: this way you can choose the bus without much problem.

Taxis in Morocco

In the cities, getting around by taxi is cheaper as long as the rates are known. Ask the driver to activate the meter as soon as you get in. If he refuses, don’t ride. Official taxis have to charge the current rate, which is usually between 4 and 8 dirhams per kilometer, and a base rate of 2 dirhams (3 dirhams at night or if they pick you up at your hotel.

Make sure you have money so you can pay the correct price. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to write down the taxi’s license plate and tell the driver that you will go to the tourist police. You will see how the conflict will be resolved as if by magic!

Other means of transportation

To make it even cheaper, you can hitchhike, a widespread way of traveling in Morocco. Of course, use your common sense and be careful; avoid doing it alone.

On the other hand, there are other options than renting a car in Morocco. However, practically all the leading rental companies are present in the country. Insurance contracts have quite a few loopholes, and driving is often too complicated. Still, it all depends on what you prefer.

How much do accommodations cost in Morocco?

Why not choose to stay in a riad in the medina of Marrakech?

There are many accommodation options available for families, couples, and solo travelers in Morocco. For honeymooners, you can choose an all-inclusive package or other hotels in Marrakech and other places that offer wellness stays.

Other travelers will prefer to choose cheaper accommodations such as hostels or hostels.

How much does food cost in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine is widely renowned. Its range of Amazigh, Arab, and Jewish foods is distinguished. There are other effects from other African nations, as well as India, on the spices employed.

Tajines, couscous, pastillas, méchouis, or even briouats are yours, without forgetting the essential mint tea at the end of each meal. Variants and specialties depend on where you are in the country (Essaouira, southern Morocco, High Atlas…).

In terms of cost, you can afford to eat at the restaurant daily and at every meal! Lunch at the restaurant costs between 20 and 50 Moroccan dirhams (i.e., between 2 and 5 $).

What budget should I plan for activities in Morocco?

Traveling to Morocco without engaging in any activities would be regrettable. While some leisure activities, such as souk trips to learn how to haggle or to lounge on the country’s most gorgeous beaches, are free, other vital activities demand a budget.

Any good Morocco tour includes a trek in the Moroccan desert. Dunes of Merzouga or the Sahara desert, you can choose between visiting the desert on the back of a dromedary (or camel) or in a jeep. Most tour operators offer you to discover desert Morocco by leaving for a few days.

You then camp in the desert under the watchful eye of local guides. The opportunity to discover another facet of Moroccan culture and their habits and customs while enjoying a heavenly landscape worthy of the tales of the Arabian Nights.

Most hotels can organize a desert excursion for you for 50 $ for 2 days and one night if you sleep in a tent.

The hotels in Morocco

Regarding lodging, the price of hotels in Morocco depends on where they are, who stays there, and how long they last.

There is plenty of large hotel chains, such as Ibis or Sofitel. Still, you will also find many hotels available throughout the country at all possible prices.

For example, a double room at the Swani hotel in Meknes costs only 5 $ per night. The average price per night in Casablanca is about $50; in Tangier, a double room costs 40 $ per night.

Staying in a hostel doesn’t have to be more convenient unless you’re in a big city like Rabat, Casablanca, or Marrakech. The offer isn’t huge, and the prices are close to what any hotel would charge.

Airbnb in Marruecos

If you want to stay with a family in Morocco, you can use Airbnb and choose to stay in a private room with a Moroccan family. Estimate between 30 $ and 70 $ per night in a private room.

However, depending on the city, rates range from 30 $ to 250 $ for a private Moroccan riad experience.

In the north of Morocco, there is more to choose from than in the south. If you want to fully experience Morocco, this is a good option.

Example of the overall budget for a week in Morocco

Some people travel differently, and budgets can vary depending on your scholarship. We offer three budgets: a backpacker, an average traveler, and a high tourist budget.

Backpacker Budget: small purse

Not counting plane tickets, it is possible to spend less than 300 $ for a couple spending a week in Morocco.

Count on average for two:

27 $ per night for accommodation,

10 $ per day for food,

4 $ per day for transport,

Choose free activities.

This budget is valid for most cities in Morocco. Still, it will be necessary to give up visiting southern Morocco for an excursion in the desert.

Travel budget: average

From the fine sandy beaches to the souks of Marrakech, you can enjoy yourself more by planning an average budget of 700 $ for a couple and a week in Morocco. For two people, count:

57 $ per night for accommodation,

26 $ per day for food,

10 $ per day for transport,

6 $ per day for activities.

For example, you can tour the palm grove of Marrakech and go on a camel excursion.

Tourist budget: high purse

You have (almost) no limit to travel in Morocco. Whether you go on an organized trip or not, you benefit from a substantial budget allowing you to take advantage of the country’s wealth. Don’t hesitate to bring back argan oil and slippers for your whole family while you’re there! For two, you will spend more than 1000 $ for a week:

78 $ per night for accommodation,

34 $ per day for meals,

22 $ per day for transport,

22 $ per day for activities.

Enjoy Morocco’s exoticism to discover all the country has to offer.

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