Best time to visit Morocco

If you still need to choose the Best time to visit Morocco, know that spring and autumn are the best times. The heat is extreme in summer, so it is better to see this country during cooler periods.

Best time to visit Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco is between March and May, that is, in the spring. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and whether you go to the mountains or the coast, there will be no rain or excessive heat.

Another ideal time to visit the country is in the fall, between October and December, because the temperatures are suitable and there are fewer tourists. December is not a particularly cold month, so it is an excellent time to travel to this country.

However, the Moroccan climate has different specificities depending on the region. In the north, the weather is Mediterranean, which means the summers are hot and the winters are humid with some rain. However, on the west coast, the winter is much rainier, and the climate is more temperate in the summer.

As for the desert areas, summer, especially in August, is very hot during the day and cold at night. This part of Morocco experiences dry winds called Chergui and Arifi, which significantly raise temperatures. And it is easy to reach 40°C in this part of the country.

In the Middle and High Atlas, you will have snow in winter, so if you want to practice mountain sports, this is the perfect time to visit this part of the country.

However, temperatures vary depending on the city. Agadir offers the most temperate climate, while Tangier offers the hottest weather. So let’s see the best time to travel to Morocco, depending on the destination.

What month is best to go to Morocco?

The best month to visit Morocco depends on individual preferences, planned activities, and the regions you intend to visit. However, generally, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are considered the best seasons to visit Morocco due to milder temperatures and pleasant travel conditions. During these periods, the weather is often sunny, and temperatures are generally comfortable, which is ideal for exploring the cities, deserts, and mountains of Morocco.

When to go to Tangier

The best time to visit this city in northern Morocco is in spring. It does not rain this season, and the temperatures are much more pleasant, warm during the day, and more relaxed at night.

If you visit the city in winter, you should have rain since they are more abundant in the country’s north. In summer, on the other hand, the heat is very intense, so it is better to avoid these months to enjoy your trip.

When to go to Casablanca

Autumn would be the best time to visit Casablanca. Thanks to a suitable temperature, the temperature is ideal for walking around the city between October and December. If you can’t plan your trip in the fall, choose spring before summer to avoid the high heat.

Temperatures in this city in autumn average 16°C, while in spring, they are around 19°C. In summer, the maximum corresponds to August at 27°C, but the thermal sensation is much higher.

When to go to Marrakech

Again, spring is the best time to visit this region of Morocco, as the temperatures are milder inland. In autumn, the weather is unstable in Marrakech, so if you want to ensure a pleasant trip, you better choose from March to May.

During the summer, temperatures rise to 40°C, so if you don’t like excessive heat, it is better not to travel between June and August in this region of Morocco. Marrakech is located inland, so it is not advisable to visit it during summer.

When to go to Agadir

The climate in Agadir is enjoyable almost all year round. Winters are mild and sunny, so you can swim in the sea in December and January. Summers are warmer, but the influence of the sea breeze keeps temperatures much lower than in the country’s interior.

In short, you can go to Agadir all year round, but if you want to avoid too much heat, do not choose to visit this city in Morocco between June and September.

When to go to Meknes

Spring is the best time to visit if your trip includes this city in northern Morocco. On the other hand, Meknes has both a Mediterranean and continental climate. This means it is boiling during summer with an average temperature of 38°C, while in winter, it is freezing.

Winters in Meknes experience an average temperature of 2°C to 7°C. On the other hand, the rains occur mainly in autumn and winter. For all these reasons, if you don’t want to be too cold or too hot, the best time to visit Meknes is spring.

When to visit the Atlas Mountains?

Although it is possible to hike the Atlas Mountains all year round, spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) generally offer the best weather.

Although summers in the Atlas Mountains are generally mild and sunny, temperatures in the mountain valleys often exceed 30°C, while afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon.

In winter, nighttime temperatures can dip to 5 degrees Celcius or lower. At the same time, snow precautions, including crampons and ice axes, are required above 3000 meters in elevation.

The weather in the Atlas Mountains can be unpredictable at any time of year, and conditions depend on the altitude at which you plan to trek.

When to go for a Sahara excursion

Morocco is home to many exciting annual festivals, some of which are well worth planning your trip. Some, like Kelaat M’Goun Rose Festival and the Erfoud Date Festival, are linked to the harvest and occur in the same month each year (these particular festivals take place in April and October, respectively).

Others, like the Essaouira Gnaoua, World Music Festival, and Popular Arts Festival of Marrakech, are events that depend on good weather to hold shows and events outside.

Islamic holidays like Ramadan and Eid al-Adha also occur at specific times of the year and offer a fascinating insight into Moroccan culture.

You now know when you can go to Morocco, all you have to do is pack your bags.

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