Important Contacts In Morocco

Important Contacts In Morocco They are precious and, above all, beneficial in any emergency. Here is a reminder of these telephone numbers you must have for all practical purposes and at hand, especially during holiday periods.

Important Contacts In Morocco

Here are the primary emergency numbers to know:

Police19 and (from a mobile): 112

Firefighters15 or 0524 43 04 15

Royal Gendarmerie177

Ambulance / Firefighters150

The three emergency services (15, 19, 177) are interconnected and work closely together. People who use the new service can hear your alert message again.

Also, be aware that the alert message should be as specific as possible. It would help if you always remembered that the emergency service has no idea what is happening around you. Therefore, What you say will determine the delivery method of assistance.

Helpful contact instructions

To be heard, it is essential to speak clearly and calmly. Here’s what to say, preferably in this order:

– Identify yourself.

-Give your name and the phone number you are calling from. Will allow the emergency services to call you back, for example, when a problem finds the location.

-Explain where you are and how to get to the scene of the accident

-Give the precise address of where you are. Don’t forget the town. If you are in a private home, specify how you can access it (door number, floor, intercom code if there is one at the entrance, etc.)

– Indicate the nature of the accident

-It doesn’t matter whether it’s a traffic accident, a traffic accident at home, a person who is sick at home, or something else. Explain in detail how the event unfolded.

-Specify the number and apparent condition of the victims.

If possible, describe what you saw: the number of victims, their sex and approximate age, and their apparent condition (talking, bleeding, sweating, breathing…), and try not to use medical terms. Their position: standing, sitting, lying on their stomach, lying on their back, lying on their side… The gestures made and the measures taken by you or third parties present.

-Specify if there are any risks. For example, a risk of collapse, fire, explosion, collision…

-Don’t hang up first

-Wait for instructions from the emergency services

Other useful numbers

In addition to the above numbers, it is also good advice to have the ones below:

Allo SAMU141 number specially dedicated to patients with respiratory symptoms, fever, and cough.

Epidemiological watch080 100 47 47

– Anti Poison and Pharmacovigilance Center of Morocco: 05 37 68 64 6405 37 77 19 65/ 081 000 180 – 24/7

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