Kasbah Amridil in the Oasis of Skoura

Kasbah Amridil, located about thirty kilometers from Ouarzazate in the village of Skoura, distinguishes itself from other kasbahs by its size and beauty. Held for several centuries, the Amridil Kasbah owes its preservation to the tenacity of the owner’s family, who refused to abandon this Amazigh architectural treasure.

Kasbah Amridil

Kasbah Amridil in morocco

The Kasbah Amridil is one of the most famous in the province. It locates in the locality of Skoura, which is known as a palm grove with rich biodiversity. Far from the city center in a desert landscape with palm groves and olive trees, these elements make the Kasbah a tourist attraction for the province and Skoura.

Kasbah Amridil History


Mohammed Nassiri Skouri erected Kasbah Amridil in the late 17th century. Since then, it has remained a family property. Until now, Réda Nassiri, one of the founder’s descendants, is in charge of the site and the guest house that adjoins it; the 31-year-old man confides in his pride in this heritage. He says that the family lived in the Kasbah at the very beginning. He also noted that there were servants and guards there. They all lived in the 30 rooms on the site.

“Towards the end of the 1950s, my family members who lived here left and left the Kasbah in good condition. The drought and the death of Mohammed Nassiri Skouri dispersed the family,” says Réda Nassiri. Despite this, at least one person remained to maintain the premises: “Since 2009, I have been in charge of the Kasbah; my family trusted me.”

For 30 years now, Amridil has transformed into a museum. Visitors can see manuscripts, gold coins, traditional costumes, and ancient items. Because a guide is on hand, you can hear stories about this citadel’s history from him.

“Family members continued to take care of the Kasbah. They invested a lot to restore the house’s roofs and bases. Neither the state, nor associations, nor cooperatives, nor UNESCO, nobody has supported it.”

Kasbah’s beauty and uniqueness have attracted foreign film productions, which set up for days or weeks the time of a shoot. Film crews worldwide are drawn to this Kasbah because of its beauty and distinctiveness—iconic films like Lawrence of Arabia, Ali Baba, and the Forty Thieves shots in the citadel.

More about the place

The Kasbah continues to exist thanks to the price of entrance tickets and the money for film productions. Little known to Moroccans, it is frequented by tourists, mostly foreigners, “especially during the period from March to May, in October and during the end of the year celebrations,” says the site manager.

Kasbah Amridil has 8 clean and well-equipped rooms with Moroccan decoration, air-conditioned, and a private bathroom.

There is a patio with a fountain for breakfast, a garden to relax, and free Wi-Fi in all public areas.

Organization of excursions, mountain biking, and camel rides. Free private parking.

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