Kasbah Tamadot: Ultimate Luxury

Kasbah Tamadot is a stunning destination that seamlessly blends luxury, authenticity, and modernity. This dreamlike oasis presents an extraordinary setting amidst breathtaking landscapes, just an hour away from Marrakesh.

Recognized as the best hotel in North Africa and the Middle East in 2020 by the esteemed Travel + Leisure, we recently had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful stay there last weekend. It quickly became a cherished experience, and we’re excited to share all the details with you.

Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Tamadot in morocco

Owned by Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, Kasbah Tamadot is an upscale setting overlooking the typical Amazigh villages of the area. Once you arrive, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of the majestic Atlas Mountains. Toubkal, the highest point in Morocco and North Africa, at 4,170 meters above sea level, looks so close that you can almost touch it with your hands.

Awesome place

beautiful place

Kasbah Tamadot is a beautiful place that combines luxury, authenticity, and modernity. This oasis of dreams offers an exceptional setting and stunning landscapes within an hour away from Marrakesh.

After a mint tea and some sweets in front of this beautiful view, head to the AKNARI Superior Suite, which has an elegant style that combines Moroccan craftsmanship and antique furniture in an attractive way

The decor is excellent: woodcarving, mashrabiyas, leather, zellige, Amazighcarpets, wrought iron, antique cabinet with Quran and English Bible. The suite is very spacious and fully equipped; the suite includes a living room, king-size bed, desk area, safe, lotions and hydro alcoholic wipes, a minibar with water, soft drinks, wine, fruit juice snacks, fruit basket with the care team,

Offer a stroll in the alleys of this beautiful place. Flower pools, patios, a huge heated pool offering a view of the village in the mountains, a large jacuzzi, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the moment, tennis lessons in the garden at the foot of the Atlas, and table tennis. You need to figure out where to look, a pool or pool table, a fitness room, a vegetable garden with aromatic vegetables and herbs, endless terraces with panoramic views, and another heated pool. Kasbah Tamadot also has a farm with many animals: camels, donkeys, mules, and goats.

The children will be happy. Do you like reading? You will love the cozy living room with a fireplace and large windows overlooking the Atlas.

Kasbah Tamadot Excellent cocktail

Excellent cocktail

The barman will serve you his excellent cocktails. Need to relax and pamper? Asounfou Spa will delight you. With a full range of treatments, massages, steam baths, and a heated pool out of sight, they’ll have you blasting away in a zen atmosphere.

On the plate side, Kasbah Tamadot serves haute cuisine from here and elsewhere at Kanoun Restaurant, adorned with exquisite paintings, Hindu statues, vases, and shimmering chandeliers. We sit right by the window to enjoy this fantastic view. Roasted cooked like risotto with prawns and asparagus. Avocado and broccoli salad with basil, crunchy dried figs, and walnut oil; Roast beef, potato pancake, fried leeks and mushrooms, beef, it’s a real treat. We enjoyed seeing the excellent magician who astonished all the guests with his tricks during dinner. We couldn’t resist the delicious red fruit cheesecake, raspberry syrup, premium chocolate parfait in grams, and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Kasbah Tamadot: Rediscovering Beauty

Awesome place

The sky fills with stars when the sun goes down at night, and the Atlas Mountains are awe-inspiring. A show that never gets old.

The sunrise over the Atlas is lovely in the morning, with its rays and lights tickling the mountaintops. We could spend days in front of this beautiful spectacle. It can be served in your room, by the pool, or on one of the high terraces for breakfast. We choose the latter to enjoy the panorama. Viennese pastries, homemade bread, pancakes, chocolate cake, fruit salad, homemade yogurt, omelet, orange or grapefruit juice, fig jam, pure honey… A hearty and delicious breakfast and an exceptional view.

The Kasbah of Tamadot offers many activities in the surrounding area: hiking, horse riding, or exploring the High Atlas and secluded villages during a mule trek. Do you want to spend the day there? The establishment welcomes you for lunch or a day at the pool.

With family, lovers, or friends, the Kasbah Tamadot will make you live magical moments in one of the most beautiful places in Morocco.

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