Oasis Fint Hidden beauty among the hills

Oasis Fint, located only 10 kilometers to the south, could be the Sahara Desert’s national park.

When people think of Ouarzazate, they think of it as the gateway to the desert. But it’s impossible to believe that the city’s dry landscape could give way to a place that is green, lush with plants, and full of life. Ouarzazate looks like the mountains in the Anti-Atlas. If you like nature and beautiful scenery, this is a must-see. It is close to Ouarzazate, which makes it even better. Because the name Oasis de Fint means “hidden” in Amazigh, there is no reason not to go to this beautiful and secluded corner of the world.

Oasis Fint 

As soon as we reach the oasis Fint, we have two options. We can either leave the car in an improvised parking lot or keep going on a track that takes us to a town that shares its name with the oasis. We think it’s best to leave your car in the parking lot and walk around the oasis. The whole thing should take about 30 to 45 minutes. They may wait for you to leave the car and act as your guide. You can do the road on your own or with a guide. They will also let you see the town, its houses, and how people live there. This town gets its money from farming and tourism.

As nomads, they accompanied merchants from the Sahara desert to the Oasis Fint, where they lived in the shade of palm trees. Some of them were who escaped and found refuge here. About 1,000 people live in Wangarf, Taherbilte, Timoula, and Belghizi. They live off the farming they do on the banks of the river.

An oasis in two different areas

The Oasis of Fint has two differentiated areas. One of them is an old medina made of adobe in which barely 3 families live. You can visit the ruins of this ancient town established on this side of the river to avoid flooding. The other part is the modern town, where the inhabitants are mainly peasants and live off agriculture.

We recommend that you see the whole Oasis Fint when you visit. You can do this by walking around it while looking at the beautiful landscapes and learning about how the people of Fint grow their land and do their daily chores.

His women still gather to wash clothes along the shore of the oasis. Then it would help if you crossed to the other side of the river to visit the old medina with its humble adobe houses. There are beautiful views of the whole of the Oasis Fint and the town from the top.

When you’re going to a new part of the city, you’ll have to go down and cross a river. Most of the people live there. It’s good to look at what’s outside the Sahara desert first. There is a lot to learn about how people live there because time flies. People here are amiable. It’s important to tell them about your own stories and traditions, how they live at home, and show you places in the town that you might not have seen before.

With the help of UNICEF, solar panels have been installed for feedwater pumps that allow the town to supply drinking water.

Things to Do at Oasis Fint

How to Get to Oasis Fint ?

Accommodation at the Oasis Fint

Suppose you delve a little deeper into these towns. In that case, you can stay at the Auberge La Roche Noire and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that this place offers and the hospitality of its people. And since the Oasis Fint has located just 10 km from Ouarzazate, you can also ideally stay in this city.

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