Essaouira Beaches, Magic and Fun

Essaouira beaches are generally well-kept and clean. The city was also awarded the Mohammed VI Foundation’s seal of quality for environmental protection in recognition of its efforts to ensure the safety and cleanliness of its beaches.  

The City Beach

The town’s beach is big, has fine sand, and has a great view of the bay. Windsurfing is one of the things you can do here, and you can also swim. You can also ride camels or go on a small boat tour around the island of Mogador.

The lighthouse and mausoleum of Sidi Majdoul are located at the mouth of the river to the south, near the camp.

The Purpuraires Islands, or purple islands, are home to an ornithological reserve that includes seagulls and Eleanor falcons.

In the first century, the Romans installed a purple dye factory from marine mollusks, which was very popular then.

Southern Essaouira Beaches

Diabat Beach – Thagarte

To the city’s south, you will find this beach just south of the Oued Ksob, facing the bay of Essaouira.

It is a large beach where the ruins of Borj el Baroud locate, remains of a defensive formation situated on the shore whipped by the waves, and inside, the remains of the castle of Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdellah from the 18th century. Just next to it is the Diabat, a monument built in stone and mortar about 10 meters high. It is a geodesic point of order 1, developed in 1928 by the Geographical Service of the French army.

This beach is near the small village of Diabat, which was famous in the 1970s because hippies populated it. The 5 * Sofitel Hotel is located next to Golf Mogador, one of Morocco’s most beautiful golf courses, overlooking the ocean.

To access the south beaches, take the mountain road towards Agadir.

The road reaches the coast near Cape Rhir and continues to Agadir.

 From this start, small secondary roads (10 and 20 km) descend to a wild and inaccessible coast. It is sometimes possible to find low and sandy areas which form splendid windswept beaches with strong waves, ideal for surfing.

Cape Sim

By taking the road to Agadir, 8 kilometers away, in the village of El Ghazoua, there is a deviation towards the coast, which leads to Sim and Sidi Kaouki. It is possible to walk along Essaouira beach for 20 km.

Cape Sim, 14 km away, has a lighthouse surrounded by dunes and windswept, and it’s a spectacular place that transports you to the Sahara Desert, with great unspoiled beaches and a small fishing village.

Sidi Koauki

South of the cape and 25 km from Essaouira, we find this large beach with strong winds and big waves near a cedar forest. Its name comes from the mausoleum of this revered saint whose tomb presides over the beach, for which the very popular pilgrimage is in August.

 This beach is top-rated with Marrakech residents, the nearest city.

 There is a good bus service to Essaouira.

 It is a good place for surfing, although with strong winds it is dangerous. It is reserved for experts in this sport.

 There is a Beach Surf Club with a good atmosphere where you can rent boards.

 It has a wide choice of hotels and beach apartments.

There are a few beach bars for dining near the sea.

Beaches of Akawcht y Sidi Mbarak

Continuing south of Sidi Kaoki, by the coastal road, we reach virgin beaches 30 km from Essaouira, not far from the village of Aghnajane, where there is an excellent seaside hotel, the Riad le Marlin Bleu.

Ifrane Beach

Further south, 40 km away, passing through mountain tracks that are difficult to access and only for vehicles, you can find this long beach next to a small fishing village with superb mountain and mountain landscapes. Wed…

Tafedna Beach

From the road to Agadir, 44 km from Essaouira, in the municipality of Ida Ou Azza, a local route of 15 km is diverted towards the coast to reach the fishing village Tafelney next to the cape of the same name. It is characterized by the colorful doors of the houses and its Tafedna beach, which is very neat and ideal for surfers and fishing enthusiasts.

Timzghuida Ouftass Beach

By following the road to Agadir, 65 km away, we reach TAMANAR, in the foothills of the Atlas, the regional capital of the Haha.

 The tracks start towards the coast, the adour of Timzghuida Ouftass, with a sizeable wild beach between the mountains.

Inmesouane Beach

Further south along the road to Agadir and 100 km from Essaouira, we come to this beach.

 Also called Imsouane is located next to the cape and is a rural town between the sea and the arid mountain.

 This village is famous for its favorable wind conditions and waves suitable for surfing, with two types of beaches in the bay, reef or flat and sandy.

There are small hotels for surfers.

The road continues on the coast, which runs along Cape Rhir to reach the bay of Agadir.

Northern Essaouira beaches

Jrifat Beach

North of the city stretches this long virgin beach.

To access the rest of the beaches, you have to take the coastal road to Safi, near the coast, along a mountainous region north of Chiadma near the coast.

5 km from the crossing in Hassane is the hotel Villa Agouni, ideal for spending the night if you want to discover these coasts.

Moulay Bouzektoum Beach

Following the road north at 20 km, there is a detour to the sea, which leads us to this religious place with a wide beach, ideal for windsurfing.

 Next to a small village is the mausoleum on a cliff hit by the waves. The beach is called “Moulay.”

Plate of Ait Rais Aomar

37 km off the coast, a charming seaside hotel, Dar Janoub.

Bhaybah Beach

40 km away is a magnificent golden sandy beach forming a small bay next to a small fishing village.

Sidi Abdela Bettach Beach

At 60 km, there is another magnificent beach for surf lovers—North of this beach, the construction of a nuclear power plant is planned.

The road continues northward until the province of Safi is entered by descending the plateau to the mouth of the Tensift River, then climbing on a small table that forms cliffs on the sea to the bay by Safi.

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